Dog Manual

Giving An Enema

The occasion often arises when it is desirable to give a dog an enema. The technique is simple and it should be mastered by every dog owner.

The animal is placed in a tub and tied close to the faucet or to any other convenient object. A pan of lukewarm water mixed with a dash of soap is prepared. Take a clean, rubber, bulb syringe with a bone nozzle and fill it with water to be used for the enema. Apply some vaseline to the nozzle.

Insert the nozzle fully into the dog's rectum and empty the water into it. Repeat this until the animal has taken in sufficient water to induce a full action. The amount of water depends on the size of the animal. After a sufficient quantity of water is inserted, place the right hand flat on the abdominal region of the dog and slightly in front of the hind legs.

Then squeeze the water out of the abdomen by closing and opening the hand while applying pressure to the abdomen. This will usually result in an immediate bowel action. Then take the animal for a walk so as to permit any remaining action to take place.

This procedure is not as gruesome as it sounds, especially since, properly performed, it often brings prompt relief. Of course there are variations in the technique of giving an enema, but the one mentioned here is probably the simplest and most effective. If there are any doubts as to its effectiveness, it might be well to have your veterinarian demonstrate the

technique. It would also be a good idea to seek veterinary advice before giving an enema, to make sure that the animal's condition calls for it. There are times when an enema can do more harm than good.